IVCC and LSTM Connections

The Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM) was the first institution in the world dedicated to tropical disease and has led the field in the fight against vector borne infectious diseases for over 100 years.

Novel insecticides are being sought to help manage insecticide resistance and to counteract the spread of infection by insecticide resistant vectors. As a result of this and based on demand for assistance; LSTM has established LITE, and has invested in developing the service, creating state of the art, purpose built facilities, all based in Liverpool and dedicated to the testing of insecticide based products for commercial partners.

LITE is part of the Department of Vector Biology led by Professor Hilary Ranson and works closely with experts in the department..

To further characterise  the mechanisms responsible for insecticide resistance and to map the spread of this resistance throughout regions of the tropics, where mosquito borne diseases are endemic. 

IVCC is a product development partnership established in 2005 as a not for profit company and registered charity to overcome the barriers to innovation in the development of new insecticides for public health vector control. IVCC has supported the establishment of LITE and we work with many IVCC business partners, evaluating novel insecticides and formulations and advising on products best able to counteract the spread of infection by insecticide resistant vectors.

IVCC and LSTM connections