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In our modern custom built facilities we undertake evaluation studies to assess insecticide efficacy using a number of test methods including standard methods established by the World Health Organisation (WHO):

  • WHO Insecticide Tube Test
  • WHO Cone Bioassay
  • Topical Testing

Other test procedures can be developed to meet individual client needs.

Our insecticide resistance data is supported by rigorous quality control on our mosquito colonies. Resistant colonies are challenged with insecticide on a regular basis and the resistance profile of each colony is being determined for seven different insecticides.

A subset of mosquitoes are preserved for genotyping to test for target site mutations every 5th generation and metabolic resistance and other mechanisms are being explored using microarray and functional analysis.

LITE also offers HPLC quantitative analysis service to determine levels of active ingredients in treated products, such as bed nets. In addition we can also offer bacterial membranes (Bactosomes) containing P450s associated with pyrethroid resistance.


Our services